What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate and Why do Landlords Need it?

What Is A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

A landlord’s gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and a crucial piece of documentation that proves your gas appliances were checked by a qualified gas safety engineer within the last twelve months. It is part of your legal duties as a landlord to provide tenants with a safe and comfortable environment to live in. Proof that your appliances have been safety checked will contribute to this.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Law

You’ll need to provide a record to your tenants following your annual gas safety check and receipt of your landlord’s gas safety record. The law states that a copy of your landlord’s gas safety record should be given to your tenant within 28 days of the gas safety check. For new tenants, this must be provided at the start of their tenancy. For rental periods of less than 28 days, just make sure you’ve displayed a copy of your record within the property. You’ll need to keep copies of this gas safety check record until a further two checks have been carried out.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Cost

The cost of Gas Safety Certificates depends on the gas safe engineer you choose. There is no fixed price for gas safety checks. Costs can start from £35 ranging up to £150, the number of appliances you have that need to be checked will affect the pricing. You can expect a cost of around £60 or a gas safety check including one appliance. The price rises for each additional gas appliance within the property. If you live in rented accommodation, then it is the responsibility of your landlord to arrange and pay for the annual gas safety check.

Does a Landlord Have to Provide a Gas Safety Certificate?

As a landlord, you need a Gas Safety Certificate or CP12 for every appliance on your property. Each certificate must be renewed annually to comply with the law. Without them, you risk a hefty fine, and the appliances may be unsafe for tenants to use.

Renewing An Expired Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

It is important to keep up with renewing your Gas Safety Certificate once it’s expired. Having a valid landlord and gas safety certificate is mandatory, so letting it expire is not an option. You will need to keep track of the dates that your certificates are expiring and be sure to book new annual gas checks for them to eliminate the risk of having out of date documents.

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What is a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate and Why do Landlords Need it?

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