Everything You Need To Know About Moving A Boiler

There are many inconvenient places a boiler can be situated. It can sometimes be awkward and inconvenient, takes up too much room or is hard to access. This is why many people choose to relocate their boilers. At MCR Gas, we can help you get your boiler replaced and moved.

Four Things To Consider Before Moving A Boiler

Moving your boiler can be a complicated process, so before making any sudden decisions, make sure you have asked yourself these four questions:

  1. Why are you choosing to move your boiler?
  2. Is it obstructing something?
  3. Is moving a boiler possible in your home?
  4. Does it not fit in with your surroundings in its current location?

It is also important to make your requirements known to the heating engineer to ensure that your visions are possible. Whatever reason you choose for relocating your boiler, a Gas Safe engineer should be the only one to do so. Fortunately, here at MCR Gas, we have the perfect people to complete this job.

The Cost Of Moving Your Boiler

The cost of moving your boiler is not determined by the type of boiler you own. Moving an old boiler can be just as expensive as fitting a new one. It’s important to consider the impact on your current heating system, such as needing a larger circulating pump or if there currently is enough water for the cylinder.

Move Your Existing Boiler

At MCR Gas, we will happily move your boiler to a new location whilst we install your new boiler. Keep in mind that some older heating systems will require a more complex removal process than more modern boiler systems. If your boiler is older than 15 years, you should look into getting your boiler replaced.

Moving A New Boiler

If you decide to buy a new boiler to be installed in a different location, this will be more of an expensive procedure. At MCR Gas, we understand the financial stress of replacing an existing boiler with a new one. Our engineers are highly trained and will review your current system and will only advise a replacement if it is truly necessary.

Our Cover Plan

If your boiler doesn’t need to be relocated but you are experiencing a lot of issues with it, we offer a boiler cover service called ‘Comfort Club’ to residents in Manchester and Greater Manchester at affordable rates. We will find the best plan for you.

Where Can I Relocate My Boiler to?

Where you can relocate your boiler depends on the type of boiler you have. A few places that you can relocate your boiler are:

  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Airing cupboard
  • Utility room

If you require more assistance and advice before deciding on where to relocate your boiler, do not hesitate to contact us.

How Long Does It Take To Relocate Your Boiler?

This all depends on the amount of work required for the engineer. For instance, moving the boiler a few feet will be easier and save time as opposed to moving one downstairs from the bathroom. However, relocating a boiler on average would take around two days to complete.

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Everything You Need To Know About Moving A Boiler

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