Benefits of Insulation in Commercial Buildings

With winter slowly approaching and temperatures gradually decreasing, staying warm and understanding that insulation is a critical component for commercial building is important. These range from office blocks to warehouses, factories, and restaurants. Insulation is energy efficient and, therefore, worth the investment. Here at MCR, we specialise in heating and gas services and can provide servicing and repair work in most cases.

Recommended Types of Commercial Building Insulation:

Commercial buildings have several different types of insulation that accommodate the specific needs and requirements of the structure. Below are some examples of insulation types and how they are used.

1. Fiberglass blanket

Fiberglass blanket insulation which is also known as batt insulation is the most common type of heat insulation. It’s made from flexible material and consists of several layers bundled together to form a blanket. It can be installed on walls, ceilings, and floors. It is used to trap heat, making it an effective barrier for both interior and exterior walls. It is affordable and an efficient choice for full coverage.

2. Spray foam

Spray foam is the recommended type of insulation used for commercial buildings. It offers full coverage to the inside of the building, which creates a strong barrier against energy loss. It has a semi-liquid material that is sprayed onto areas with the use of pressurised equipment. After application, using the correct amount of spray foam will form an effective seal against any air leaks and supply effective insulating properties. It is a popular option due to its low cost and its thermal efficiency by air sealing a commercial building. However, be aware that it is not long-lasting and will require considerable maintenance and touch-ups over the years.

3. Concrete

Concrete is a conventional option used in construction and commercial buildings. It’s economical, waterproof, and durable. It is slow to degrade and rot, unlike fiberglass. However, the main drawback is its unappealing and can create brutalist structures. We have many years of experience in commercial heating services from fitting boilers to maintaining, repairing, and servicing them. We are highly qualified and ready.

4 Key Advantages of Having Insulation in Commercial Buildings:

Here in the UK, the weather is unpredictable and can change drastically, that’s why insulation is necessary and efficient because it traps heat from leaving in the winter but also allows heat to enter in the summer. This protects you and keeps you safe from external conditions. It’s that simple and really works and influences commercial and residential buildings in several significant ways. These include:

1. Creates a Cosy Environment

Chilly and draughty buildings are uncomfortable to work in, that’s why having an insulated building can only improve things for employees. Having heat insulation provides a healthy working environment which will drive occupant satisfaction and improve the overall performance of the commercial building. It is proven to be much more comfortable than one that is poorly insulated. Whether you’re working in an office, residential or commercial building, insulation will create both a warmer or cooler environment for your space, depending on the season.

2. It’s Cost-effective

Increasing the amount of insulation you have is a simple and effective way to save money.

Insulation reduces heating and cooling costs by maximising energy efficiency, meaning it is great for the environment as it reduces greenhouse gases. This improves environmental responsibility.

3. Acoustic Insulation Controls Noise

Acoustic design is highly complex and depends on the building. However, the use of acoustic insulation prevents noise from transferring from one section of a building to another through pipework. This is done by the insulation dampening the pipe wall. So it is important to minimise the sound by using acoustic insulation. This helps employees to focus and ensure confidentiality between employees. This means a boost in productivity and improved employee satisfaction.

4. Protects your building

Commercial buildings constantly need maintenance to make sure they remain safe and healthy places to work. Using insulation shields the building from harsh weather all year round and enhances the overall integrity.

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Benefits of Insulation in Commercial Buildings

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